Main characteristics of HGH for sale: action, results of using, and dosage!

In online pharmacies and online stores, you can find highly purified recombinant HGH for sale of various brands. You have a possibility to order the drug without a doctor’s prescription for use in sports. It (like other products of this kind, for example, anabolic steroids) is not very cheap. Therefore, it is often counterfeited by unscrupulous producers. Try to use the services of proven pharmacies to get a 100% quality HGH for sale online without the risk of buying a fake.

Key features of the drug

Usually, manufacturers produce HGH drugs with a high level of purification (99 percent). It is available in ampoules containing 10 units (or another amount) of the active component per ampoule. Growth hormone is used in bodybuilding to increase the relief of muscles and stimulate muscle hypertrophy. The effect of the hormone has been tested by many athletes.

Beneficial features

Growth hormone (also called somatotropin) is synthesized in the body by the pituitary gland. At a young Main characteristics of HGH for sale: action, results of using, and dosage! age, it is responsible for the growth in length. It also influences anabolism and fat burning, inhibits catabolic processes (i.e., destruction of muscle tissue). HGH before and after results are good.

Any drug based on growth hormone has the following beneficial effects:
1) improves muscle mass gaining;
2) reduces catabolism;
3) helps to burn fat;
4) regulates energy processes;
5) slows down the aging process;
6) affects the amount of glucose in the blood;
7) strengthens bone tissue;
8) improves immunity;
9) increases skin tone (regulates the synthesis of collagen);
10) increases the growth of young people until the closure of growth zones (25 years);
11) strengthens the joint-ligament apparatus;
12) improves sexual activity;
13) improves lipid composition of blood (reduces “bad” cholesterol).

It should be noted that somatotropin “works” not alone. It acts in conjunction with the IGF-1 (insulin-like growth factor). IGF-1 is produced in the liver under the influence of growth hormone and stimulates the growth of almost all internal organs. All the HGH results in sports (in particular, in bodybuildinMain characteristics of HGH for sale: action, results of using, and dosage! g) are associated with the direct action of the IGF-1 factor.

How to use the drug?

Many athletes usually use 5 units of somatotropin or more per day. The dose is selected individually after consultation with a sports specialist. You can divide the daily dosage into two counterparts.

The duration of application of growth hormone is usually not shorter than two months. It allows you to obtain a sustainable effect. The optimal period of using is three to four months. The maximum duration of the drug applying at safe dosages (up to 10 units per day) is not established.

The effect of the use of growth hormone increases with increasing daily dosage. For an adult who uses somatotropin for the first time, the most optimal dose is 5 units per day, divided into two injections of 2.5 units a day (the first one should be done in the morning, the second one is performed in the evening).

It should be noted that the use of growth hormone for sports purposes without a doctor’s prescription can be dangerous to your health. Buying this medication, you use it at your own peril and risk.

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